For perfectly milled grains, ease of use and superior dependability, look no further than Brewly Malt Crusher 3 - A 3-roller grain mill with metal base. The Malt Crusher 3 achieves the ideal crush for your brewery. It features a fully adjustable roller gap from 0.6mm (0.025") all the way to 2.5mm (0.1”), allowing you to finely tune your crush to your exact preference. Features include SS304 stainless steel rollers, sealed bearings, a 7kg (15lb) capacity grain hopper, an ergonomic crank handle, and unlike other available grain mills, this Malt Crusher 3 comes complete with a sturdy metal base that fits perfectly on bottling/fermenting buckets. Use either the hand-crank or a power drill with low-RPM and 3/8” chuck.

- Malt Mill with 3 rollers
- Grain hopper for up to 7kg (15lb) malt with screws and rubber gaskets
- Protective steel grid in bottom of hopper
- Solid black steel base plate
- Hand crank

Note: The blue protective plastic layer can easily be removed.

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