This special yeast strain is for the production of ales traditionally produced on the East coast, New England in the US. It produces very fruity esters, in particular tropical fruits. The low sedimentation properties contribute to a final beer with a natural suspended turbidity characterizing beers from New England.

- Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (8%)
- Temperature Range: 15-23°C (59-74°F)
- Attenuation: Medium 75%
- Flocculation: Low
- Net Weight: 12g (0.42oz)
- GMO-Free: Yes
- Storage: In fridge (cool & dry)
- Packed in a protective atmosphere.

Sprinkle the yeast directly in up to 23 liters (6 gallons) of wort. Alternatively, rehydrate the yeast. Aerate. If Original Gravity is above 1.065 (65 °Öchsle), use 2 packs for 23L.

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